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About Urpi

Urpi teaches vocals at S&C singing in Dubai and loves helping her students excel and become the best singers they can be!

The Core Support for Singing Part 1


Earlier on, in “The Things I Need to Become a Good Singer Part 2”, we talked about the aspects of the singing technique that everyone who wants to master their voice must work on. Amongst those, we mentioned the famous words “Core Support”, which undoubtedly is crucial to singing properly if it is strong and the singer uses it correctly, it gives quality, power, and structure to the singer’s voice and allows the full richness of their voice to be shown. Sounds great! Isn’t it? But what do vocal coaches really mean by “Core Support”? Do not worry! Now, all these [...]

The Core Support for Singing Part 12024-05-09T12:51:57+01:00

How Should We Breath When Singing? Part 2


Previously, in "How Should We Breath When Singing? Part 1," we discussed the three phases of breathing in singing: inhalation, retention, and exhalation. We also explained the three principal types of breathing. However, we saw that despite those types of breathing having advantages over other physical activities, none of them is the most appropriate for singing. So, it is time to tell you how singers should breathe to sing correctly. What if We Combine 2 Types of Breathing? Bingo! The most suitable breathing technique for conscious and voluntary control during singing is a combination of 2 types, known as “Costo-Diaphragmatic Breathing” [...]

How Should We Breath When Singing? Part 22024-05-07T17:09:39+01:00

How Should We Breathe When Singing? Part 1


We all know very well that breathing is a crucial element in the production of the singing voice. As a matter of fact, the quality of the voice and the vocal health depend on it to a large extent, as achieving good air management allows us to store more air and thus be able to project a voice with more power without drowning and without creating unnecessary tension in the body. However, despite breathing being a natural process for all human beings, an unconscious one most of the time to keep us alive, when it comes to singing, it is not [...]

How Should We Breathe When Singing? Part 12024-05-07T17:11:00+01:00

Relaxation in Singing


Without a doubt, one of the pillars of a good singing technique that allows you to develop a voice to its maximum potential is relaxation. However, quite often, it is difficult for singers to understand the concept and the principles of relaxation in singing and reach a satisfactory level of it. But do not worry; now I will clarify all your doubts and explain to you what singing coaches mean when they say, “You need to be relaxed for singing”. Mind and Body Free of Barriers and Obstacles Frequently, the state of relaxation is confused with the image of letting the [...]

Relaxation in Singing2024-04-18T19:58:02+01:00

The Correct Posture for Singing


As previously mentioned in our articles, the singing voice is a remarkable instrument housed within our body, making it its sanctuary. Therefore, it is essential to be mindful of how we carry our bodies for singing. In fact, being able to sing correctly with a healthy voice starts primarily from the posture, as the posture the body is holding directly impacts the voice's quality and prevents potential physical problems. Therefore, now we will tell you about the importance of the correct posture for singers! Balance of Muscle Groups First, let`s understand the word “posture,” which, in essence, is linked to the [...]

The Correct Posture for Singing2024-04-08T21:27:28+01:00

Why Should We Stretch The Body Before Singing?


It is widely known that a vocal warm-up is essential for singing properly, but most singers omit another crucial step that is part of the warm-up and that, if done, brings enormous benefits. We are talking about paying attention to the “Sanctuary of The Voice,” to our precious body, of course, as obviously the magical instrument that is the voice is located in the body. So, here we explain to you why stretching the body is a must in your vocal training. Mental Preparation for Singing: Achieving Focus and Relaxation Living in a world as fast as the one we live [...]

Why Should We Stretch The Body Before Singing?2024-03-26T18:50:23+00:00

The Things I Need To Become a Good Singer Part 2


Early on, I told you how my search for the things I needed to become a good singer started when I told my Dad I wanted to pursue an artistic career, and he told me a phrase that has stayed in my mind since then: "Whatever you choose to do, be the best you can at it". In this way, I started to wonder what the formula to being good at singing is, and I shared with you the first ingredients: heart, which is the catalyst; talent, which is the natural gift; and discipline, which is the required commitment we need [...]

The Things I Need To Become a Good Singer Part 22024-03-27T18:28:58+00:00

The Things I Need To Become a Good Singer Part 1


I remember the day I told my Dad I wanted to become an artist after finishing high school. He was not surprised at all as he and my Mom had always supported my call for performing arts but he said something that I will always remember: “Whatever you choose to do, be the best you can at it”, and that phrase has really stayed in my mind as I can infer lots of valuable things from it. So, I decided that Singing was one of my paths, and consequently, I had to ask myself: What do I need to become the [...]

The Things I Need To Become a Good Singer Part 12024-03-20T10:44:20+00:00

What is the Good Singing Technique?


Have you ever wondered about the number of people who give up singing before even starting, before even trying it? As we know, you love singing, and you probably know the number one reason why so many talented singers and possibly great singers get lost. This probably has crossed your mind, too, at a particular moment in your life. It is commonly believed that singing is a privilege for some people, that only some people can sing because they were born with an incredible voice. As a result, when people try to sing, they realise it does not sound as they [...]

What is the Good Singing Technique?2024-03-20T10:14:57+00:00

The Origins of Singing


In the process of developing your talent artistically, it is very important to be curious about the art you are learning. Curiosity must be present from the beginning and increase over time as it would let you investigate and learn more, love more, and increase your passion for what you are doing. In the case of singing, previously, we have talked about the Vocal System and how the singing voice is emitted, and now you may have more questions about singing, you may be curious and wonder when humans started singing or when it started to be considered as an art. [...]

The Origins of Singing2024-03-19T12:40:58+00:00


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