Become the singer you want to be!
Singing lessons at DIFC at Gate Avenue Mall

Founded by pianist Celine Gaurier-Joubert, S&C is a fantastic singing academy for adults who either want to learn or improve their vocal abilities with outstanding singing instructors. We invite all adults, from absolute beginners without any prior musical experience to proficient amateur singers to improve their skills in a non-judgmental environment that has been created explicitly for them.

Conveniently located on the 1st floor of Gate Avenue Mall in DIFC, our gorgeous studios have been designed to allow singing lovers to study in a wonderful atmosphere and enjoy their singing lessons immensely. At S&C, we believe that learning in lovely surroundings is essential as it undoubtedly contributes to your success.

S&C is home to all singing enthusiasts who wish to benefit from the most excellent singing lessons provided by highly qualified and experienced singing teachers who specialise in teaching adults.

Whether you are interested in classical, jazz, rock, pop, opera or musical theatre, you can be assured to be well catered for. You will learn all the correct techniques from day one, develop your sense of artistry and make terrific progress quickly.

As we love all music genres, we will equally be able to assist you whether you want to work on Schubert lieder, Fly Me To The Moon, Queen or Taylor Swift’s songs, La Traviata or Les Miserables.

However, we know that most adults are worried to express themselves and shy when it comes to singing. They often think that they do not have a beautiful voice or that they are tone-deaf.

By joining a course at S&C in DIFC and taking singing lessons with us, you will quickly realise that there is nothing to worry about. We are pleased to say that our unparalleled experience and knowledge in adult singing education allows us to offer you the most exceptional singing lessons conducted by singing teachers who have a great understanding of amateur singers and a passion for passing their remarkable knowledge on to those who sing for pleasure.

Your welcoming and patient singing teacher will always adapt to your tastes and ability and teach you in a manner that is easy to understand without ever judging or patronising you.

We have chosen to be available for you at DIFC as we run a similar singing academy for adults in the City of London called The London Singing Institute. We are delighted to count hundreds of lawyers, bankers, engineers, accountants, traders or investors who tremendously enjoy their singing lessons with us. It is also an honour to be able to offer them a music haven where they can study peacefully and relax from their demanding professional life.

By opening S&C in Gate Avenue, we wanted to offer you the same privilege and allow you to benefit from the most excellent singing lessons for adults a few minutes away from your office or residence in DIFC.