If you are looking for the highest quality singing lessons Dubai has to offer, then you’ve arrived at exactly the right place.

If you are looking to start playing the singing from the beginning, or to rekindle your already established passion for this beautiful instrument, then your quest is final!

The Dubai Singing Institute offers the highest quality singing lessons in Dubai from absolute beginners without any prior musical knowledge to advanced amateur singers.

Learn from a master singer and her excellent singing instructors

Our head singing teacher Celine Gaurier-Joubert is a concert singer and master instructor.

She is dedicating her time to teaching and helping singing enthusiasts learn the singing in the most efficient manner possible. Her studies in singing have led to many outstanding discoveries of singing playing, including secrets of touching the instrument with the correct tone. Her past instructors included some of the most formidable singers in Europe and the world.

It is an absolute privilege and rarity to learn the singing with such a master!

Her Curriculum Vitae

Radical results are our mission

Why us? What is our point of difference?

If there has to be only one, it would be this:

You can expect RADICAL RESULTS. Yes, we promise that you will make fast progress over a short period thanks to our result-oriented methods. Learning with master singers has a great advantage.

  • You learn faster!
  • You learn the correct techniques from day one!
  • No time wasting!
  • You save money! (when learning the right techniques from day one)

Our success is your success. Our philosophy: We provide the highest singing instruction to produce the highest quality musicality within you using RARELY SEEN BEFORE methodologies and NEVER SEEN BEFORE TECHNIQUES!

We have learnt from the best! We know how the world’s greatest singers teach, and we aim to go one step further caring more for our pupils. We are proactive to help you be the best you can be!

We are interested in YOUR progress and results!

Our goal

To inspire you!

If we can inspire and motivate you, then we can change your life!

Becoming a successful singer ( even if you play for your enjoyment), requires great motivation and inspirational input from instructors who genuinely care about you!

It’s our mission to inspire you and bring OUT THE BEST within you!