March 15, 2024

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Early on, I told you how my search for the things I needed to become a good singer started when I told my Dad I wanted to pursue an artistic career, and he told me a phrase that has stayed in my mind since then: “Whatever you choose to do, be the best you can at it”.

In this way, I started to wonder what the formula to being good at singing is, and I shared with you the first ingredients: heart, which is the catalyst; talent, which is the natural gift; and discipline, which is the required commitment we need for growing as singers. So, here I happily continue sharing with you the other things you need to become the best singer you can be.

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4. Good Technique, The Proper Training

In one of the previous articles, we talked about the Good Singing Technique, which is the set of skills and methods a singer uses optimally to produce sound efficiently and effectively, providing many benefits for the voice in the long term. Nonetheless, what does the training of a good singing technique consist of?

Here, I give you a deeper insight into it, as you definitely need to work on it to become a better singer.

 Relaxation & Correct Posture
 Correct Breathing & Core Support
 Correct tuning
 Use and Control of all the Vocal Registers
 Expansion of Vocal Range
 Use of Dynamics
 Execution of Runs and Riffs
 Development of Power, Presence and Vibrato
 Ear training
 Solfege & Music Theory
 Concentration & Focus
 Song Performance
 Use of Singing tools & effects
 Improvisation
 Knowledge of the Own Voice
 Development of the Own Singing Style

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5. Technique at the Disposal of the Interpretation

In the same way having a good technique is essential for becoming a good singer, having a good interpretation of the songs we sing is also crucial. At this point, it is very important to mention that a good interpretation of a song is always linked to the fact of having “heart” for singing, of having passion as just having an excellent singing technique is not enough, without heart, and passion virtuosity might seem robotic and the interpretation turns really poor. However, just heart and passion for singing without technique is not enough either, as it is impossible to interpret the song with all our resources fully.

If we want to be really good singers, we need both of them. Indeed, the technique must be at the disposal of the interpretation so we can freely sing our hearts out but with control over how we are doing it. Not only that, but this balance is what people describe as part of the “X” factor, the extra thing that makes us shine while singing as our personality, our charisma, our soul, and our own singing style fully emerge while performing.

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6. Powerful Mind, The Game Changer

In sixth place comes the mind, which is the set of cognitive abilities encompassing processes such as perception, thinking, consciousness, memory, imagination and many others, both consciously and unconsciously. It is generally forgotten and left aside when it comes to becoming better in singing.

Having a powerful mind is undoubtedly a game changer as the inner self-saboteur that could appear can be controlled or, in the best case, can be eliminated and most importantly as the fact of believing in ourselves and in our talent increases according to the positive perception and thoughts that we have of ourselves resulting in making us achieve excellent results in our singing.

The truth is that the power of the mind has no limits, as the entire universe is the mind.

Reality is permeable to thoughts, and as a consequence, if we believe we can sing properly and develop a great voice, we picture ourselves doing it, and of course, we take action. We do the necessary physical things to become better singers. Eventually, that will become real, but if we get caught up in our fears and doubts, achieving the results we want is impossible.

Unequivocally, having a powerful mind completes the “X” factor because having faith and confidence in ourselves makes us shine and makes other people believe in us and see our light.

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7. Body Connection, Tracking the Sanctuary of Our Voice

Last but not least, the connection with our bodies is essential as our voice is an instrument inside our body. In this way, growing as singers goes hand in hand with the connection of our bodies, with the fact of having healthy eating habits as what we eat and drink affects our voice and vocal cords, with the way we carry our bodies in terms of posture and how we use it when singing in terms of relaxation and compression and finally with rest as it is essential to get a significant amount of rest to recover and recharge.

Our body is the most perfect machine ever created, which in turn has millions of connections inside. It is also like a sponge, as not only is it a source of energy, but it constantly absorbs energy. Thereupon, it is indispensable to always track how our body is as its state will affect the way we sing. Logically, if we want to become good singers, we also need to make sure our body is in a good state, as it is the sanctuary of our voice.

The formula for becoming a better singer, consisting of the seven things already mentioned, is the result of my years of training and the knowledge that other teachers imparted to me, which I now share with you.

Whether you want to become a professional singer or not, the formula for being good at singing is the same, but with a variation in effort. As my Dad says, “Be the best you can be to unlock your potential and splendour.”

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