April 1, 2024

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As previously mentioned in our articles, the singing voice is a remarkable instrument housed within our body, making it its sanctuary. Therefore, it is essential to be mindful of how we carry our bodies for singing.

In fact, being able to sing correctly with a healthy voice starts primarily from the posture, as the posture the body is holding directly impacts the voice’s quality and prevents potential physical problems. Therefore, now we will tell you about the importance of the correct posture for singers!

Singing free from tension with a good posture

Balance of Muscle Groups

First, let`s understand the word “posture,” which, in essence, is linked to the positions of the joints and the correlation between the extremities and the trunk.

Our body uses different muscle groups when we are standing, sitting and moving. If we have the best possible posture, we use the fewest muscle groups free from unnecessary tension.

In other words, the balance of muscle groups is critical to proper posture, and when there is an absence of balance caused by bad posture, other muscle groups that are not supposed to be working come into action to compensate for the balance, creating tension.

What’s more, adopting a certain posture, whether it is beneficial for the body’s performance or not, is a habit instilled from birth, and that is why some people naturally have good and bad habits for singing.

Consequently, to start improving and training our posture for singing, it is imperative to check the way we hold ourselves in our daily activities, such as how we regularly sit on a chair, on the floor, or in some other way, how we stand, how we walk, and what the common position of our back, shoulders, head, pelvis, and knees is in these activities.

Balanced posture for singing

The Traits of the Correct Posture for Singing

In singing, the correct posture is understood to be dynamic, not static or fixed. It allows easy and fluid movement, accompanied by a feeling of lightness, comfort, and balance, but at the same time, stability and solidity. When there is too much effort, the body feels heavy and slow due to the unnecessary muscle activity that must be performed to try to achieve the feeling of balance in the body that we mentioned before.

However, this balance must be agile and not rigid.

Sometimes, people confuse bad positions with relaxed positions because they are not aware of the muscular effort that is necessary.

In singing, everything is a matter of balance, as we can be relaxed but hold our bodies correctly.

The formula of a good posture

The Formula of the Correct Posture for Singing

Moreover, when we say that a correct posture is critical to emitting a quality and healthy sound, we mean that it contributes principally to the alignment of the respiratory tract and facilitates vocal resonance, improving the projection and quality of the sound.

Hence, to have a correct posture for singing, we must follow the following steps:

  1. Stand with the feet slightly apart, distributing body weight equally on both feet.
  2. The knees should be ready to bend if necessary.
  3. Position the pelvis neutrally, avoiding extreme backward or forward tilts.
  4. Keep the back straight, ensuring the spine aligns from the head to the pelvis.
  5. Maintain an upright head position, looking forward.
  6. Draw the shoulders back and down.
  7. Open the chest, lifting the ribcage.
  8. Stand without stiffness or tension.
  9. Remain relaxed yet alert in posture.
  10. When seated, apply these principles by sitting on the edge of the chair.

You can also verify your posture by looking at yourself in a mirror.

If you find some of the steps mentioned uncomfortable to hold, then it means you need to correct your posture as soon as possible in your daily activities, as your bad habits of posture will reflect on your posture when singing.

After all, a singer can not afford to waste energy trying to maintain balance while singing when all his attention should be focused on singing and sharing with the audience the delight of this process, and that is why our body must be in the correct posture so we can sing properly.

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