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Vocal Technique

How Should We Breathe When Singing? Part 1


We all know very well that breathing is a crucial element in the production of the singing voice. As a matter of fact, the quality of the voice and the vocal health depend on it to a large extent, as achieving good air management allows us to store more air and thus be able to project a voice with more power without drowning and without creating unnecessary tension in the body. However, despite breathing being a natural process for all human beings, an unconscious one most of the time to keep us alive, when it comes to singing, it is not [...]

How Should We Breathe When Singing? Part 12024-05-07T17:11:00+01:00

Relaxation in Singing


Without a doubt, one of the pillars of a good singing technique that allows you to develop a voice to its maximum potential is relaxation. However, quite often, it is difficult for singers to understand the concept and the principles of relaxation in singing and reach a satisfactory level of it. But do not worry; now I will clarify all your doubts and explain to you what singing coaches mean when they say, “You need to be relaxed for singing”. Mind and Body Free of Barriers and Obstacles Frequently, the state of relaxation is confused with the image of letting the [...]

Relaxation in Singing2024-04-18T19:58:02+01:00

What is the Good Singing Technique?


Have you ever wondered about the number of people who give up singing before even starting, before even trying it? As we know, you love singing, and you probably know the number one reason why so many talented singers and possibly great singers get lost. This probably has crossed your mind, too, at a particular moment in your life. It is commonly believed that singing is a privilege for some people, that only some people can sing because they were born with an incredible voice. As a result, when people try to sing, they realise it does not sound as they [...]

What is the Good Singing Technique?2024-03-20T10:14:57+00:00

How to Sing Harmonies in 5 Simple Steps


While many budding singers dream of singing lead, there is actually a tremendous amount of skill in learning how to sing harmonies and backing vocals. The lead vocal seems the ‘easiest’ and most natural to gravitate towards but try signing a counter melody along with it and suddenly it’s a whole different ball game! Learning how to sing harmonies is a fantastic way to train your ear, improve your dexterity and hone your arrangement and composition skills. Here’s how you can tap into that area of your musicianship. Sing Along To Existing Harmonies In Songs The easiest way to get started [...]

How to Sing Harmonies in 5 Simple Steps2024-02-27T07:55:51+00:00

The best breathing exercises for singing


Breathing is something we do naturally, without having to think about it, so it’s hard to imagine we may be doing it wrong! Breathing just to stay alive and breathing as a singer, however, are two very different things. It’s no surprise that singing is often associated with the positive effects of meditation, because of how deeply we breathe as singers. If you have just embarked on singing lessons for adults, your breath is actually one of the most important things to master. This is because we create sound by the air passing through vocal folds, so mastering your breath will [...]

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