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About Stefan Joubert

Founder of S&C Singing. His belief is that anyone can learn to sing! All you need is the desire to learn and excellent singing lessons!

Are You Scared to Sing?


Singing, an activity that seems so natural and joyous to some, can be a source of profound anxiety for others. The question "Are you scared to sing?" resonates with many who experience trepidation at the thought of lifting their voice in song. This fear can stem from various sources, such as negative past experiences, self-doubt, or simply a lack of confidence. Understanding and overcoming this fear can open doors to a world of musical enjoyment and personal expression. Why Are So Many People Scared to Sing? Here are several reasons why singing can be intimidating for some individuals: Fear of Judgment [...]

Are You Scared to Sing?2024-06-25T11:34:17+01:00

Singing and Language Learning: A Dual Benefit


When it comes to language learning, many of us focus on the traditional methods of reading, writing, and speaking. However, there's a powerful tool that can enhance language learning while also providing a range of cognitive benefits: singing. Let us explore the connection between singing and language learning, and why incorporating music into your language learning routine can be a game-changer. The Power of Music in Language Learning Music has been shown to have a profound impact on language learning, particularly when it comes to memory and recall. When we sing, we're using both our auditory and visual senses, which can [...]

Singing and Language Learning: A Dual Benefit2024-05-30T16:25:46+01:00

Why Singing Lessons Are The Ultimate Gift For A Loved One


Singing lessons are more than just a hobby; they are a transformative experience that can enrich your loved one's life in countless ways. If you're searching for a unique and meaningful gift, look no further. In this article, we'll explore ten compelling reasons why singing lessons make the ultimate gift for your cherished friend or family member. Plus, we'll introduce you to S&C Singing Lessons, a place where both children and adults can embark on a melodic journey at various skill levels. Singing Offers Self-Expression Singing stands as a powerful conduit for self-expression, granting your cherished one the ability to eloquently [...]

Why Singing Lessons Are The Ultimate Gift For A Loved One2024-02-27T07:47:29+00:00

How to Sing Harmonies in 5 Simple Steps


While many budding singers dream of singing lead, there is actually a tremendous amount of skill in learning how to sing harmonies and backing vocals. The lead vocal seems the ‘easiest’ and most natural to gravitate towards but try signing a counter melody along with it and suddenly it’s a whole different ball game! Learning how to sing harmonies is a fantastic way to train your ear, improve your dexterity and hone your arrangement and composition skills. Here’s how you can tap into that area of your musicianship. Sing Along To Existing Harmonies In Songs The easiest way to get started [...]

How to Sing Harmonies in 5 Simple Steps2024-02-27T07:55:51+00:00

Choosing the Best Microphone for Singing


The next most important tool you will use as a singer apart from your voice is a microphone. Choosing the best microphone for singing can be tricky, as there are so many out there on the market and not all of them will fit the same purpose. Or even suit the sound of your voice. Just like your vocal, each microphone will have its own specific tonal qualities and best applications. This is an important choice to make so your microphone serves your voice and requirements the best. Consider the purpose of your microphone How will you use your microphone? Are [...]

Choosing the Best Microphone for Singing2024-02-27T07:56:24+00:00

Exploring 6 popular singing styles and techniques


At S&C Music, we love to teach our students a variety of singing styles. Whether you want to focus on a particular genre or mix it up to explore different techniques, our vocal coaches are well-versed in a broad range of musical styles and characteristics. We love how diverse and unique they are and how they bring out interesting qualities in our voice. You may also find that some genres feel easier for you to sing depending on your natural tone, as you begin your singing lessons for adults. Let’s take a look at 6 popular singing styles and techniques that [...]

Exploring 6 popular singing styles and techniques2024-02-27T07:57:18+00:00

Learning how to sing as an adult is a beautiful endeavour


Learning how to sing as an adult comes with a unique set of challenges. Budding students often question whether it’s too late and if they can manage it alongside work and study. It also requires relinquishing a bit of control and not being scared to sound a little ‘off-key’ or silly as you’re learning. Once you get going, however, you will realise how rewarding learning how to sing as an adult can be. It can really increase your self-confidence, boost your creativity, cognitive abilities as well as opening new possibilities for you as an artist. We would like to share some [...]

Learning how to sing as an adult is a beautiful endeavour2024-02-27T07:58:00+00:00

The best breathing exercises for singing


Breathing is something we do naturally, without having to think about it, so it’s hard to imagine we may be doing it wrong! Breathing just to stay alive and breathing as a singer, however, are two very different things. It’s no surprise that singing is often associated with the positive effects of meditation, because of how deeply we breathe as singers. If you have just embarked on singing lessons for adults, your breath is actually one of the most important things to master. This is because we create sound by the air passing through vocal folds, so mastering your breath will [...]

The best breathing exercises for singing2024-02-27T07:58:36+00:00


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