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How Should We Breath When Singing? Part 2


Previously, in "How Should We Breath When Singing? Part 1," we discussed the three phases of breathing in singing: inhalation, retention, and exhalation. We also explained the three principal types of breathing. However, we saw that despite those types of breathing having advantages over other physical activities, none of them is the most appropriate for singing. So, it is time to tell you how singers should breathe to sing correctly. What if We Combine 2 Types of Breathing? Bingo! The most suitable breathing technique for conscious and voluntary control during singing is a combination of 2 types, known as “Costo-Diaphragmatic Breathing” [...]

How Should We Breath When Singing? Part 22024-05-07T17:09:39+01:00

How Should We Breathe When Singing? Part 1


We all know very well that breathing is a crucial element in the production of the singing voice. As a matter of fact, the quality of the voice and the vocal health depend on it to a large extent, as achieving good air management allows us to store more air and thus be able to project a voice with more power without drowning and without creating unnecessary tension in the body. However, despite breathing being a natural process for all human beings, an unconscious one most of the time to keep us alive, when it comes to singing, it is not [...]

How Should We Breathe When Singing? Part 12024-05-07T17:11:00+01:00


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