Conveniently located in Downtown Dubai, S & C cordially invites adults from all walks of life to learn how to play the singing or improve their singing skills in a prestigious environment.

Studying with a highly qualified and experienced singing instructor is vital for any successful singing education. At S & C in Downtown Dubai, we are proud to say that we work exclusively with outstanding singing instructors who will surely make your singing education an unforgettable musical journey.

Beginner Singing Lessons in Downtown Dubai

Adults could sometimes be worried before starting their singing education, and we understand your fears perfectly. But be reassured, everyone can play the singing, and there is no need to have any special talent to enjoy playing the singing for your own pleasure.

At S & C in Downtown, we have designed our singing lessons specifically for adults so you can be ensured to learn in a very suitable manner without ever be judged or patronised.

Learning how to read music is easier than you might imagine and you will see that you can surely learn how to play at any age. You only need motivation and a fantastic singing instructor!

Intermediate Singing Lessons in Downtown Dubai

It is often daunting for intermediate singers to find the right instructor to take singing lessons from and pursue their singing education in Downtown Dubai.

We are pleased to say that intermediate singers are more than welcome to study with us at S & C.

Thanks to the remarkable expertise of our singing instructors and their incredible ability to help you resolve any technical or musical issues, you can be sure to enjoy your singing lessons greatly in Downtown Dubai, whether you play classical or jazz singing.

Advanced Singing Lessons in Downtown Dubai

If you require the support and help of a wonderful professional singing instructor to work on your favourite pieces of the repertoire, you should surely join S & C.

Provided from our gorgeous singing studio in Downtown Dubai, our singing lessons for adult amateur singers are equal to none.

With more than 20 years of experience in teaching adults, our highly skilled singing instructors will undoubtedly transform your singing playing rapidly by showing you the methods used by the world’s greatest singers!

Whether you wish to improve your technique, sound production or interpretation skills, it will be our pleasure to offer you the most quintessential singing lessons in Downtown Dubai.

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