Do you love the sound of belting out a rock classic in the style of Queen, Led Zepplin, Smashing Pumpkins or Audioslave?

Would you like to learn the SECRETS of producing a top-notch rock vocal tone and also expand your range and technical versatility?

Rock vocals can be very powerful and also very emotional.

Getting excellent quality vocal education is absolutely imperative in your journey towards learning how to sing rock!

That is why you need to study with a renowned music institution like S & C!

Remember: Learning the fundamental basics correctly is imperative. It allows you to progress at a steadily, enabling you to continue enjoying lessons, helping you keep on track. And unlike teaching yourself, you’ll gain valuable experience playing alongside others, listening and helping to grow your performance skills and ability to play in a band.

Are you interested in joining the singing school of rock ?

Several programmes are available to suit your lifestyle and learning style. Even if you’re busy, there’s a package to suit your circumstances, with our weekly rock singing lessons designed specifically for you!

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