Benefit from brilliant singing lessons in Dubai with expert singing instructors

At S & C, we are proud to offer the highest singing instruction available in Dubai, with extremely experienced singing instructors who specialise in teaching singing enthusiasts who wish to sing for their own pleasure and enjoyment.

Providing you with the best possible singing lessons, and ensuring that you learn all the correct techniques from the very start, is essential to us.

We always make sure that all our singing lessons are well balanced and structured in order to offer you a complete singing education.

By taking one-to-one singing lessons at S & C, you will improve your knowledge of theory, develop your technical skills, learn how to perform songs correctly, and discover the art of tone production.

Our one-to-one singing lessons are offered to all levels from absolute beginner to advanced

Whether you are an absolute beginner without any musical knowledge, an intermediate or an advanced singer, you will benefit from a top-notch singing education.

If guided in the right manner, we believe that all beginners can improve their skills drastically, in a short period of time.

Taking one-to-one singing lessons with our master singing instructor is also extremely beneficial for advanced singers who need her expertise to increase their technical abilities, and ameliorate their tone production immensely.

Our one-to-one singing lessons are offered in a variety of musical styles

At S & C, we are also pleased to offer singing lessons in several music genres that include classical, jazz, blues, rock and pop singing.

So whatever the style you wish to learn, or the current singing level you are at, you can be ensured to be in good hands, and to be taught brilliantly by our wonderful singing instructors.

Booking one-to-one singing lessons is an excellent way to learn how to sing, or improve your singing skills at your own pace, as your singing instructor will structure your singing course entirely in accordance to your current abilities and wishes.

At S & C, we believe that acquiring a solid foundation is key to your success, so even if you already sing, your instructor will make sure to cover any aspect of your singing that needs some more work, while helping you improve your strongest skills.

Our singing instructors are so experienced that they will immediately be able to figure out whether you need help with theory, technique, tone production or interpretation.

Their expertise is so exceptional that they will know how to re-balance your overall singing playing after a few weeks only.

Join a one-to-one singing course throughout the calendar year

Unlike most singing academies, S & C offers you the opportunity to start a singing course at any time during the year.

So if you feel like to begin your singing education in June or December, you are welcome to do so!

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Remember that your success is our success and it is our mission and passion to help you become the BEST singer that you can possibly be!