Being an intermediate singer is an interesting stage in your singing development, as you have now acquired all the basics of singing, but you have not yet achieved your ultimate goal, which is to be an advanced proficient singer who can literally perform any song.

You can certainly mastered several pieces of the repertoire, but you cannot yet approach the most difficult songs that you dream to be able to perform.

You are at a stage where you assuredly need the advice and guidance of a master singing instructor to get to this next level, as it could be difficult on your own to resolve all complex technical problems and interpretation issues.

By taking singing lessons at S & C, you can be assured to study with an expert singing instructor who will definitely know how to help you reach the next level.

He or she will be able to assess your current singing level, and immediately know what are the areas that need improvement to take you where you have always dreamt to be.

Some people need assistance with their technical skills, some others need to improve their voice production, and some others must focus on the art of interpretation.

In all cases, our  wonderful singing instructors will know how to teach you in order to resolve any issue.

But it is sadly not always that easy to move from an intermediate singer to an advanced singer, and it requires dedication and persistence, but if you are guided extremely well, in a non-judgemental environment which always makes you feel at ease, there is no reason why you should not reach the stars!

At S & C, we are proud of saying that we excel in this task: Offering you the highest singing instruction without ever keeping in mind that you sing for your own pleasure and enjoyment.

We perfectly understand the difference between the amateur and professional singers, and it is the reason why, we will always make your lessons enjoyable, without pushing you too far.

All your singing lessons will always be well-balanced and structured, and your homework will always be given in accordance with your professional workload.

You will never feel overwhelmed, but your singing course will be so well managed, that you will assuredly make exceptional progress on a regular basis.

So if you are an intermediate singer in need of improving certain aspects, or your overall singing, S & C is without a doubt the right singing academy for you!

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We will be delighted to help you reach your musical goals for your classical singing!

Always remember that quality singing education is the best move forward for your singing journey, and selecting the right place to learn is the way to succeed!

We look forward to helping you become the classical singer that you have always wanted to become!