S & C is undoubtedly the most recommended singing academy for you to acquire all the necessary techniques and knowledge to pass your grade examinations very successfully.

As in any other field, the success of a singing exam is all down to thorough preparation. It can only be done under the guidance of a master singing instructor who possesses the needed and necessary experience.

At S & C, our singing instructors are exceptionally well acquainted with the grade examinations. They correctly understand what the examiners are looking for in a candidate, and their own experience in passing an exam and preparing for a performance can only assure your success.

Our singing instructors will offer you all the support and guidance required to progress through the ranks of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) syllabus. This an internationally recognised exam board and also the world’s leading music exam provider, operating over ninety countries.

Why passing your singing exam with ABRSM?

At S & C, we believe that passing the grade exams can be a great source of motivation. It will provide you with something to strive towards and bring a sense of achievement into your life.

It is optional, but throughout the years, we have seen that singing learners who decide to prepare these examinations tend to feel more structured in their practice. They also feel more aware of the singing standard they are at.

In addition to providing you with a disciplined and well-balanced singing education, passing the grade exams is also a brilliant opportunity to learn how to play in front of others, as on the day of your exam, you will have to perform in front the examiner.

Please do not worry, as the examiners are usually lenient and understanding. They would not worry too much if you make some mistakes, as long as you play musically.

At S & C, you can be ensured that our singing instructors will help you prepare all the different parts of the exam extremely well to prevent any technical failure on the day. They will also make sure that you perform your singing pieces beautifully.

The exams consist of 5 different parts: Theory, aural, technical exercises, sight-reading and singing pieces.

S & C is without a doubt the most recommended singing academy in Dubai for those who wish to pass the grade examinations, whatever the standard they are currently at.

If you are interested in taking the singing exams, please enquire today and find out how we can help you succeed greatly!