Did you know there are secrets to learning blues singing? Do you want to know what they are? Are you captivated by the rhythms and melodies within the blues spectrum? Or do you love the fun of blues and its nostalgic connection to the 1940’s?

Learning how to sing the blues is a great way to express yourself and have fun with singing in a social environment! Who wouldn’t like to hear you sing like Bessie Smith or Buddy Guy and the other great blues singing giants!

At S&C, you will learn the important techniques that will make your blues voice awesome, such as how to growl and sing with a raspy voice, how to breath properly to obtain power in your blues singing, how to keep your audience captivated and just how to sound bluesy!

You will also learn proper vocal technique and learn how to use your voice in the correct manner. Your instructor will help you with your posture, resonance and breath support among many other important vocal technique-related things.

Call us now to make your blues singing dreams come true and to finally become the blues singer that you have always wanted to be.

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