One of the specialisations of S & C is to concentrate on offering a quintessential instruction to beginner singers who wish to take up classical singing lessons.

As the ancestor of all music genres, classical music is a style that must be understood by any singer before eventually specialising in jazz or pop music.

By going into classical music first, you will be lead to study music theory, learn how to read music, understand timing, develop your technical skills and comprehension of music interpretation.

At S & C, we wish all our students to benefit from a solid singing education. Hence, we recommend the learning of these fundamental skills first, whatever the music genre you want to sing later on.

One of the reasons why it is essential to start your singing education with classical music is the fact that it is the only genre that requires you to follow a music sheet and its instructions.

When singing classical music, you are first required to perform a song precisely as indicated on the music sheet. Then, you should add your personal touch, as long as your interpretation matches the style of the composer.

At S & C, we will ensure that you benefit from such a brilliant singing instruction that you will be able to perform any given song in the best way possible.

All our singing instructors have such a broad experience in teaching that your success is guaranteed.

They have all studied themselves under the guidance of master singers and attained such a high level of expertise, that you can be assured to be in good hands.

Understanding classical composers such as Mozart, Schubert or Schumann is an art that we will be delighted to teach you, if you book a beginner classical singing course at S & C.

Our mission is to make you become the singer you have always dreamt of being, and we will ensure to take you there!

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Always remember that quality singing education is the best move forward for your singing journey and selecting the right place to learn is definitely half the battle!

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