At S & C, we completely understand that it could be stressful to start singing, especially if you do not have any prior musical knowledge.

You certainly do not need to worry at all, as it is not as difficult as it seems, and as our kind and gentle singing instructors will always ensure that you are comfortable, and at ease during your singing lessons.

They have so much experience in both teaching and psychology, that they will surely understand your wishes and needs straight away, and always give you with the most adequate material to study.

They will help you progress quickly but smoothly, by making sure that each step is completed, and mastered by yourself before moving on to the next level.

You can also be assured to benefit from a very solid music foundation as our exceptional instructors are trained to cover all the main aspects of singing: Theory, technical exercises, songs, interpretation, sight-reading and music appreciation.

There is really nothing to worry about, and if singing is your dream, you should then start straight away.

How to enrol

If you wish to enrol and start your singing course at S & C, simply contact us at

Do not hesitate to ask him all the questions you may have, as he is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to singing playing, and he will be delighted to assist you.

What’s the next step?

You may be wondering what to do to get started. We would recommend you have a browse through our singing programmes and fees to find the most suitable course for your situation.

Please do remember that you are talented and you CAN learn how to sing. It is only a matter of practice and determination.

At S & C, we make entirely sure that you learn all the right techniques and methodologies as a beginner from the first lesson. You will not pick up bad habits or learn wrong techniques.

We always make sure that you learn all the most essential elements of singing!

The diagram below clearly demonstrates why you should consider learning with us:

Please note that you will lose a lot of time, money and potential if you get this aspect wrong. We have seen many many cases where individuals have started with the wrong teachers and had to re-learn their instrument. What a terrible waste of time!

learning with bad teachers