You will increase your creativity

Singing is an extremely creative activity, as the primary purpose is to use the instrument to interpret a piece of music sometimes written more than 200 years ago. During this process, you will be required to analyse the score to understand its meaning and to pass it on to the audience by using your creativity while respecting the personality of the composer.

An immense sense of creativity, imagination and inspiration is necessary to accomplish such a task, so playing the singing will help you develop the artistic side of your brain.

You will gain confidence

Engaging in singing can greatly boost your confidence, as it requires making decisions independently. There’s a sense of satisfaction in hearing the lovely sounds you’ve produced with your own voice. While initially, your instructor may help you with decision-making, as you progress, singing becomes more self-directed, allowing you to take control of your musical journey.

The process of learning a new song is quite exciting. You start with a blank slate, practise diligently, refine your technique, and eventually reap the rewards of your hard work, similar to a farmer during the harvest season.

The journey of mastering a new piece is captivating. With each practise session, you witness noticeable progress, and the feeling of accomplishment upon mastering a song is unmatched. This assurance of reward for your efforts not only boosts your confidence but also deepens your sense of achievement.

You will develop your memory

Learning to sing enhances your memory skills. You’ll delve into a new vocabulary – the language of music – and must commit it to memory, much like learning a foreign language.

It’s recommended to perform a piece from memory. This allows you to concentrate solely on the sound you’re creating without relying on sheet music.

As you progress, mastering complex songs can be daunting when juggling technical challenges and following the score. Memorising the composition becomes essential in such advanced pieces.

You will improve your social skills

Taking part in chamber singing sessions or joining duet classes presents a valuable chance to enhance your listening skills. Singing with others compels you to be more attuned to your surroundings. While minor timing or volume mistakes might be overlooked when singing solo, they become less tolerable in group or duet settings.

Through these experiences, you’ll discover how to adjust your singing to blend seamlessly with others, resulting in a more precise and harmonious performance.

It’s truly a remarkable avenue for improvement!

You will discover and understand the world of music

Possessing a deep understanding of music is essential for delivering exceptional performances. Engaging in singing will naturally prompt you to expand your musical knowledge and explore the captivating and diverse realm of music.

Through singing, you’ll acquaint yourself with the distinctive styles and expressions of various composers, delving into the intricacies of musical language. This encompasses not only understanding the unique voice of each composer but also comprehending fundamental elements such as melody, rhythm, and harmony.

In essence, singing serves as a gateway to a rich tapestry of musical understanding, enriching your appreciation and proficiency in this beautiful art form.

You will stay young cognitively

Singing engages multiple parts of the brain simultaneously, making it a complex activity.

Balancing intellectual and physical demands concurrently can be exceptionally challenging, requiring constant focus and alertness. Any lapse in concentration can significantly disrupt your singing performance.

To succeed, you must develop the skill of multitasking.

This real-life multitasking exercise is invaluable for maintaining cognitive youthfulness.

You will meet like-minded music lovers

Engaging in singing might seem like a solitary pursuit, but joining a singing academy opens up doors to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion.

At S & C, we organise regular student concerts and monthly masterclasses, ensuring you have ample opportunities to mingle and form bonds with fellow music enthusiasts.

Through our events, you’ll quickly realise that many others, despite their demanding professions, find joy in singing. It’s delightful to share your experiences as an amateur singer with individuals from diverse backgrounds, be it lawyers, doctors, traders, film producers, or writers.

You will be singing your favourite songs

Isn’t it wonderful to stand before the microphone and sing your favorite songs whenever the mood strikes?

Instead of relying on others’ interpretations, you now have the freedom to express yourself, infusing your personal emotions into the songs or pieces you love the most.

It truly doesn’t get any better than this!

You will relieve stress

Engaging in singing is an excellent method for relieving stress. Firstly, the intricacy of learning demands your full attention, allowing you to eliminate distracting thoughts and focus on your practise. Secondly, singing can transport you to a realm of emotion and expression that you may not otherwise access—a sort of fourth dimension, if you will!

Singing is akin to immersing yourself in a captivating movie. From the moment you begin, you’re transported to a different world where daily worries fade away. This instant change of scenery helps you relax and shift your mindset effortlessly.

In fact, it’s even more rejuvenating than a trip to the spa!

You will encourage your children to sing and help them learn

All parents aspire to provide their children with the best possible education, which includes encouraging them to learn various skills. It’s widely recognised that learning a musical instrument is a crucial aspect of a child’s education, and being able to assist and encourage them in this journey can bring immense joy into your life. Not to mention the rare privilege of singing duets with them once they reach a satisfactory standard of singing!

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