1. You can learn a lot from the strengths and weaknesses of your singing colleagues, and get amazingly motivated by sharing your learning experience with others. In fact, at the higher level of instruction, singing lessons are generally offered in a masterclass format. It enables the participants to learn tremendously by benefiting from the advice of the instructor without having to play themselves. It is an educational and beneficial experience.
  2. Learning in a group format has also a social benefit. Learning how to play the singing in a one-to-one setting can sometimes feel lonely. It is lovely to be able to share your love for the singing with like-minded singing lovers of the same age bracket and abilities.
  3. It is fun, and usually more relaxed than one-to-one singing lessons. At S & C, we often see our singing students laughing together about the singing issues they have in common, and congratulating each other when the success finally comes!
  4. You learn how to play in a chamber music setting straight away, which is an essential skill to develop if you wish to be a complete singer. You will be invited to play some duets and other pieces that require the participation of several singers.
  5. Group singing lessons are of course cheaper than one-to-one singing lessons, but we always ensure that the quality of our instruction remains the same. Excellence in any form of education is essential to us!