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About Urpi

Urpi teaches vocals at S&C singing in Dubai and loves helping her students excel and become the best singers they can be!

How the Voice is Emitted


When people enrol in singing lessons, it obviously is because they want to learn to sing correctly. In general, the principal goal, regardless of the student's level of training, is to master their voice and have total and complete control of it. In this article, we will talk about how the voice is emitted! Nonetheless, when they are asked what happens in the body and specifically in the voice when we are singing, the vast majority answer genuinely that they have no idea. Most of them are absolutely unaware of what is happening. So, the triggering question comes: What do you [...]

How the Voice is Emitted2024-02-23T08:56:36+00:00

How Does the Singing Voice Change Over Time?


In the process of learning to sing and mastering your singing, one of the most important steps that every singer must follow without leaving aside is to know their voice deeply. In the same way knowing the characteristics that make our bodies unique from the rest allow us to enjoy a life full of possibilities in many aspects, knowing your voice and the traits that make it different from other voices allow us to achieve our highest vocal potential and splendour. Thus, as the voice, the most primal of instruments, resides in our body, it is crucial to remember that it [...]

How Does the Singing Voice Change Over Time?2024-01-31T19:16:34+00:00


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